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This sword is the Pattern 1852 naval sword, made famous by its use during the American Civil War.
Despite being identical to those used during the Civil War, this sword is marked for the Brazilian Navy, making it very scarce indeed.
The 732mm single edged blade is richly etched with sailing ships, fouled anchors and trophies of arms amidst foliage and scrollwork. The blade bears the “E.U.B” and the coat of arms of Brazil. The spine of the blade is also etched with a foliate design.
The blade has a pale salt and pepper patina and is in overall good condition.
The ornate gilded guard is decorated with oak leaves and acorns and a fouled anchor below a star. The guard has a dolphin head quillon and a dolphin knuckle guard. The pommel cap is etched with laurel wreaths with the pommel itself bearing a fouled anchor within an oval of stars.
The ray skin grip is intact and in good condition. Its dark colour may indicate that this was a midshipman’s sword, possibly a presentation or reward given the richness of the decoration.
The twisted brass wire is intact and tight, missing only the last strand.
The brass mounted leather scabbard is in good condition for its age, with the stitching intact and tight. There are two creases in the leather, which is common with naval scabbards.
The gilded brass mounts are beautifully detailed. The throat and middle mount are etched with a foliate design with knotted ropes holding the scabbard rings. The scabbard drag is in the form of a dolphin.
This is a scarce and beautiful sword in good original condition. The sword and scabbard show the patina of age, beneath which much of the original gilding remains. The sword is uncleaned but could be polished to bring out more of the fine detail.


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