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British P1827, named World War 1 Royal Navy officer’s sword.

The 770mm straight blade has a narrow single fuller on both sides with a flat spine tapering to a false edge and spear point.

The blade is etched with a Georgian crown and the Royal Navy fouled anchor motif between fouled oak leaves and acorns. The obverse of the blade bears the Royal coat of arms amidst fouled oak boughs. The blade is clean and bright and in excellent condition for its age.

The ricasso bears a brass proof slug that is known to have been used by Manton & Co. The obverse ricasso is left purposely blank. This combined with the lack of a monarch’s cypher indicates the sword was of war time production, dating it to between 1914 and 1918. The spine of the sword bears the legend, “London Made.”

The blade is firm in the hilt.

The solid half-basket hilt is made of gilded brass and remains in excellent condition. The bowl of the guard bears the Georgian crown and fouled anchor of the Royal Navy. The inner folding guard is in perfect working order and mates nicely with the pin on the scabbard. The folding section is engraved with the officer’s name.

The mane of the highly detailed lion head pommel forms the back strap and the “D” guard extends from the lion’s mouth, again dating the sword to the early 20th Century. The guard is complete with the Royal Navy gold and blue bullion knot.

The ray skin grip is also of the highest quality and in very good condition. The twisted copper wire wrap is present and correct.

The brass mounted black leather scabbard is original to the sword and is in great condition. The sword sheaths and draws well and is held firmly.



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