British Georgian Naval Midshipmans Dirk

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Lovely little Georgian naval dirk dating to the late 18th or early 19th Century.

The 192mm single edged blade has a broad, flat spine and terminates in a spear point. The spine is 5.5mm thick at the ricasso and is still 4.8mm thick half way along its length. The blade is 23mm wide at the ricasso. The blade is in good condition for its age and service with only mild patches of tarnish and shallow pitting. The blade has been repeatedly sharpened and cleaned and has surface scratches consistent with this.

Originally, the blade was etched but most of this has been polished out. The remnants of a name or phrase can be seen on one side of the blade. At certain angles, it looks to read “Victory” while at other angles it looks more like “Vitally.” It is entirely possible that it is neither.

The dirk has an elongated “S” shape brass crosspiece terminating in acorn style quillons, followed by a brass bolster and bone grip. The grip terminates in a brass eagle or Gryphon head through which the tang is peened. The beak of the Gryphon is pierced with a ring, as is the corresponding acorn quillon. Originally, a chain would have connected the two rings. It is likely that the rings are replacements.

Overall length 295mm.

The wooden, leather wrapped sheath is in excellent condition. The leather on the front is tooled with a crosshatch pattern bordered with parallel lines. The leather is unadorned on the reverse. The stitching is intact and strong. The dirk sheaths and draws well and is held firmly in the sheath.

Length in scabbard: 327mm