British Victorian Irish Rifle Officer's Levee Sword by Edward Thurkle

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Victorian Irish Rifle Officer’s Levee Sword by Edward Thurkle Circa 1854 – 1860

This rare Victorian Irish Rifle Officers’ Levee sword has a piquet weight blade of 83 cm. The blade is of dumbbell form with slightly rounded edges tapering to a double-edged spear point. The width of the blade is 19 mm at the shoulder. The blade is in generally good condition with areas of tarnish.

The blade is etched with Queen Victoria’s VR cipher and the Rifle Regiment's ribboned horn over an Irish harp with laurels and foliage. The cutler, Cater & Co, Pall Mall is faintly etched on the ricasso and the obverse ricasso bears the brass proof stud of Edward Thurkle. The sword dates to between 1854 and 1860.

The ¾ size barred guard retains much of its original plating with scratches and tarnish commensurate with its age and service. The guard is pierced with the crowned horn of the Rifle Regiment. The fish skin grip is in fair condition with wear and fading from years of use. The wire is in good condition and tight.

The steel scabbard is in overall good condition with most of its original plating. The scabbard is without dents or damage but has areas of tarnish and is scratched from use and cleaning.

This sword is in generally good condition for its 150 plus years of age and service. The blade is firm in the hilt.


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