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Back to Reality

Posted: 11/09/18 (7:42am)

We're flying home tonight. One final day of sunshine and all inclusive pampering before our lovely holiday is over. From what I've seen of the news, we're heading home to chilly, rainy weather with a chance of snow in October. That's early even for Scotland. This morning I also saw photos of a recent and rare snow fall in South Africa.  It was bizarre seeing elephants and giraffes plodding through snow. Seems winter is in a hurry this year.

I'm going to have to hit the ground running when we get back. I'll have a day to package and despatch recent sales, then on Thursday I'm leaving on a 4 day, 700 mile round trip. Hopefully to buy stock. I also have several deliveries in progress, some of which I hope will have arrived already and one from Canada that has been in transit for a month already. If those swords don't arrive soon I'll have to chase them up, especially as the tracking information has not been updated since the 21st August. I'm assuming they're on a cargo vessel so I'm not unduly concerned yet.

Ok, that's enough from me. I'm off to join Sue et al by the pool☺