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Saw Back, Crank Handle & Hooked Quillon

Posted: 01/10/18 (15:56pm)

It has been a busy week. I was at an auction in Carlisle on Friday, and came home with seven lots that I am really pleased with. They're all quite scarce and one or two are rare. 
My favourites are: 
German S98/05 saw back by a rare double maker, Gebruder Hartkopf of Solingen & Walter & Co. Of Muhlhausen.
Walter & Co. Were machinists, so presumably made the blade, which was then finished and assembled into the completed bayonet by Gebruder Hartkopf. This makes the already scarce saw back version of the S98/05 quite rare indeed.
British first pattern P1907 hooked quillon by Mole of Birmingham. The bayonet is unit marked to the "Devil's Own" Connaught Rangers. 
German early production Demag, crank handle bayonet/trench knife and last but certainly not least, an Royal Yugoslavian Army M1939 officer's dagger.
All will be available on the website in due course, along with the other items I bought. The first of which is a Lee Metford P1888 Mk1 Type II bayonet in fantastic condition.

Rather disappointingly, I have not received a response to the emails I sent trying to make contact with a relative of Col. Finlayson. It had been my hope that I could return the sword to his family but as I have drawn a blank, I will be offering the sword for sale on the website. I'll wait a few more weeks before I do so.