British 1859 Type II Naval Cutlass Bayonet

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British Pattern 1859 Type II Naval Cutlass Bayonet for use on the 1858 Enfield .577 Naval Rifle.

This cutlass bayonet was made by the German company J. E. Bleckmann of Solingen. J. E. Bleckmann traded under this name from 1808 until 1880 and were known to have received contracts for the supply of edged weapons to both sides in the American Civil War. The lack of British War Department or Naval ownership stamps suggests that this cutlass bayonet was made for export to America or for private purchase by a volunteer unit or merchant vessel.

The 700mm un-fullered blade has a flat spine and single edge. The blade terminates in a spear point and has a 240mm, sharpened upper false edge. The blade is in great condition, with a salt and pepper patina with a few small patches of darker tarnish and was service sharpened. The forte is stamped with Bleckmann’s drawn bow and BM trade mark and a crowned Solingen inspection stamp.

The steel bowl guard is in good condition with slight speckling of tarnish. Originally it probably had a black Japanned finish. The chequered leather grips are in good condition and the external spring catch works perfectly.

This is an excellent example of a scarce Pattern 1859 Type II naval cutlass bayonet in very good condition.