British L1A3 Knife Bayonet

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The L1A3 is a Knife bayonet for use on the 7.62 mm NATO L1A1 variant of the Belgium FN–FAL selective-fire rifle.

In the mid-1960s, the L1A3 blade fuller was shortened. It was believed that the fuller extending almost to the crosspiece weakened the blade. Late L1A3 bayonets also introduced a simplified crosspiece, lacking the "waist" found on earlier examples.

This example was made in 1959 at the Birmingham Small Arms Factory.

The 20cm single edged blade has a rounded spine and a sharpened clip point. This blade has the scarce, original long fuller. The ricasso is stamped with “B59” for the place and date of manufacture and the early waisted crosspiece bears the British broad arrow and the letter B.

The blackened metal grip bears the NATO designation L1A3960-0257 B on both sides.

The bayonet is complete with its Mk5 scabbard. The Mk5 scabbard was used for several British bayonets, from the Mk5 bayonet through to the L1A3 from around 1940 into the 1980’s. The scabbard is in excellent condition.