British P1803 Georgian Flank Officers Sabre

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The British 1803 pattern Infantry Flank Officer's sabre is a "must have" sword for many collectors and this is a fine example of the iconic sabre.

The 71 cm curved blade has a single edge with a narrow fuller below a flattened spine. The blade terminates in a hatchet point. The blade has been cleaned and is in overall good condition with tarnish, sharpening scratches and wear commensurate with its age and service. The edge has been service sharpened – numerous times, and the sword has clearly seen action, with nicks in the blade consistent with edge-to-edge contact. The P1803 was the primary weapon of infantry flank officers during the Peninsular War and Waterloo.

The brass guard bears the Royal Cypher of King George III and has the lion head pommel typical of this pattern. The guard is well made and nicely detailed; some of the cheaper 1803 pattern lions' heads looked more like dogs or bears. The sword clearly had a long service life, evidenced by the wear and polishing on the lions head and the Royal cypher. The ray skin and twisted wire on the wooden grip are a later replacement. The blade is firm in the hilt.