British P1821 Artillery Sergeants sabre

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Victorian P1821 artillery sabre.

The 820mm slightly curved blade has a broad spine and a single, wide fuller on both sides. The blade terminates in a spear point. The blade is unadorned, so it was probably a sergeant’s sword, which is also indicated by the shortness of the blade, its length being ideal for combat on foot for defence of the battery.

The blade is in good condition with a mild patina and a few spots of darker tarnish.

The steel three-bar guard and ray skin grip are in good condition and the twisted copper wire is intact and tight.

The sword comes in its original steel scabbard. The scabbard has a mild grey patina and some small areas of light pitting. The sword is held firmly within the scabbard.

This is a good example of a Victorian Artillery sergeant’s fighting sword.