British Victorian 1845 Staff Sergeant's Sword. Cast Brass Grip

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British Staff Sergeant’s P1845 Sword.

This rare, brass gripped P1845 Staff Sergeant’s sword has an unadorned, 732mm slightly curved blade. The blade has a flat spine and a broad single fuller on both sides and is the rare transition type, mid-way between the Wilkinson 1845 pattern blade and the earlier 1822 pattern pipe-back. The blade ends in a quill point, is double-edged for the last 200mm and has been repeatedly service sharpened, resulting in honing wear to the point.

The blade is in fair condition with age related tarnishing and shallow pitting.

The guard is the Gothic 1845 pattern with its folding section in good working condition. The guard shows some small dings and scratches and mild deformation of the bars consistent with the swords' age and working life. An oval cartouche displays Queen Victoria’s Royal cypher. The grip resembles that of the officer’s swords but is cast brass as opposed to shagreen wrapped wood. The hilt is in overall good condition and the blade is firm.

This is a good example of a rare and hard to find Victorian Staff Sergeant’s sword.


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