British WWII No4. Mk1 Cruciform Bayonet

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Original British No.4 Mk1 cruciform bayonet introduced in November 1939 for the Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk1 Rifle. The No4. Mk1 bayonet was only produced from late 1941 and into the early months of 1942. The sole maker was the Singer Manufacturing Co. (the famous sewing machine people), at their Clydebank plant near Glasgow, Scotland.  

This is a very rare bayonet in near mint condition. It is clearly stamped with King George’s royal cypher, designation and SM for Singer Manufacturing. Complete with correct No.4 Mk1 scabbard. The obverse of the socket is stamped “JS2” and the spring mechanism bears the Singer designation and the production date 42, for 1942. As with all genuine No4. Mk1 cruciform bayonets, the blade flute is etched with an electro-pencil, showing the War Department broad arrow, numeral and inspection mark.