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Sought after French Model 1833 naval boarding cutlass, known in French as “Le Sabre d' Abordage.”
The falchion blade has a thick, flat spine and broad single fuller on both sides. The spine is engraved with the details of the cutlass’ manufacture by the Chatellerault armoury in September 1853.
The forte of the blade bears a large anchor on both sides and the ricasso is stamped with two inspection poincon. The blade is in very good condition, free from rust and with a pleasing patina.
The steel bowl guard is in great condition with marks and small dings consistent with use. The front of the beaked quillon is stamped with two poincon and the rear of the beak has three. The pommel of the faceted iron grip is deeply stamped with the number “1.”
The blade is firm in the hilt.
This is a very good example of an increasingly hard to find French boarding cutlass with plenty of inspection and ownership stamps, clearly visible anchors and easily readable spine engraving.


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