Martini Henry IC1 Cavalry Carbine

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Along with its counterpart the Martini Henry rifle, this is the weapon that won the Zulu War.

Produced in 1885 this Martini Henry IC1 .577-450 cal Cavalry Carbine is a great collectors’ firearm.

The carbine is complete with its clearing/cleaning rod but without the rear sight. The action is crisp and the carbine is in good working order. This carbine has not been de-commissioned but the barrel has been partially cut just forward of the breech (barely noticeable) and it can be owned without a firearms licence as it is classified as an obsolete calibre. This item is sold as a collectors’ piece and for legal and safety reasons should never be fired.

The carbine is nicely stamped with multiple inspection marks on all parts and the walnut furniture bears the Enfield inspection and date stamps.

This is a highly desirable and collectable firearm.


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