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The Bolo is a predominantly cutting and chopping knife used in the Philippines and has a thick, leaf-shaped blade. The bolo began life as a farming tool but its effective use in numerous conflicts, including the Philippine Revolution, World War One and World War Two, to name but a few has given it huge cultural significance. This bolo is of WW2 vintage and wears a modified American V44, WW2 survival knife scabbard.

The unverified story is that the knife was the property of a Philippine guerrilla fighter who fought the Japanese during WW2. It is a nice story but I have no actual proof to go with it.

The heavy 210mm single-edged blade has a flat spine and hatchet point. The blade retains its fighting edge and has a slightly convex cross section. Modern bolo knives are based on this design, with the blade widening towards the end to maximise its use as a chopping/cutting weapon or tool. The forte bears a deeply struck maker’s mark. The blade is in very good condition.

The hardwood grip has a great patina. The pommel is intricately carved with a traditional design and an iron bolster helps secure the blade firmly within the grip.

The knife is complete with a slightly shortened WW2 period American V44 leather scabbard which is a perfect fit. The leather is in great condition and the stitching is intact and tight. The top of the scabbard is stamped with the numeral 9.

This is a great example of a famous Philippine fighting knife used during World War Two.


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