Royal Yugoslavian Army Dagger M1939

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Rare Kingdom of Yugoslavia Dress dagger M-1939. This pattern dagger was introduced in 1939 for high-ranking army officers. The scabbard bears a crowned double-headed eagle, which is the state coat of arms.

The 230mm double-edged blade has a flattened diamond cross section and retains its original leather washer, nickel plating and sharp, factory edge. The ricasso is etched with the Yugoslavian crowned double-headed eagle. The blade is in excellent condition with minor marks consistent with being drawn and sheathed.

The hardwood grip has a beautiful patina and wear, with the twisted wire present and tight. The brass pommel is in the shape of the Royal Yugoslav Crown.

The sturdy metal scabbard is embossed with a stylised oak leaf motif. The brass furniture has oak leaf banding, with two suspension rings. The scabbard is in excellent condition with only minor wear to the brass chape. The knife sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

These daggers were used during the short war against Germany in April 1941, after which Yugoslavia fell. This rare dagger was in use for only a short period of about 2 years.

An example of this rare dagger can be found on page 53 of Kurt Glemser's “A Guide to Military Dress Daggers,” Volume 1, and also on page 263 of “World of Dress Daggers 1900 - 1945,” Volume 1, by Robert J. Berger.