Shinto Period Signed Wakizashi Short Sword

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This Shinto period wakizashi is presented in shirasaya and is complete with its 10th July, 1968 dated Japanese sword registration certificate.

The heirloom blade is in original polish showing a hoso-suguha (narrow, flat) hamon and a jihada (grain structure) with clear Nie (Martensite) crystals. The cutting edge (Nagasa) is 462mm with a blade curvature (sori) of 7mm. The tang (Nakago) is signed and the last character reads “Mitsu” but I am not familiar with the first kanji character. The nakago has a single peg hole (Mekugi-Ana). The patina and condition of the tang suggest that this sword is from the early to mid Edo period 1603-1867.

The wakizashi is in good condition with one main area of corrosion. There are small speckles of tarnish elsewhere along the blade. The blade would benefit from a professional re-polish and would then look amazing. An expert will be able to translate the tang signature.


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