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UK Government Intends To Shut Us Down!

Posted: 02/11/17 (9:29am)

I have been so busy of late and it has been a while since I last blogged. Now I have something very important to blog about.

Proposed Home Office legislation could destroy my business and stop my only source of income; and not just mine but all those in the UK, who, like me make their living from selling and restoring antique edged weaponry.

If this new legislation is approved it will make it illegal for anyone to post an edged item such as a knife, bayonet or sword to any residential address in the UK.

The proposed-prohibition on posting knives or other bladed-articles will affect businesses and collectors alike.

         No one in the UK will be able to purchase a sword, knife, bayonet or any other edged weapon online.

         No one in the UK will be able to post their sword for restoration, or, having had it restored, get it posted back to them.

         Auction houses in the UK will stop using web based auction facilitators such as Invaluable and The Sale Room because they will no longer be able to accept online bids unless the bidder is able to personally collect any lots they buy.

         UK collectors and dealers will no longer be able to buy items from abroad because they will not be allowed to have it sent to them.

         International customers will also not be able to have their purchases posted to them from the UK so international trade will stop.

The list goes on, but you get the point and I am sure can add many more.

The consultation document is very unclear about what exactly will be covered by this prohibition and what the legal exceptions, if any, would be.

No yob, terrorist or murderous teenager has EVER conducted an attack with an antique weapon, much less purchased one specifically to do so. Yet this illogical, knee jerk response from the government seems to imply that every sword and knife in the UK, new or old, is a murder waiting to happen, and that being able to receive them through the post is going to facilitate this. Nonsense! This is the government showing their ignorance.

Tragic and terrible things do happen but usually involving kitchen and craft/hobby type knives. Never antiques.

Now a days nearly all businesses are moving online, and at a time when the UK is desperately trying to promote international trade, the Home Office is being ridiculous in proposing that legitimate dealers, restorers, collectors and a diverse number of other groups that would be affected should be restricted to conducting face to face business.

I urge you to join me in voicing your opinions and to lobby the Home Office to think long and hard before passing this bill without significant amendments. Contact your local MP (as I have done) and please take the time to read the Home Office consultation (link below) and respond to the online questionnaire.

Whether like me you are a UK based dealer or restorer, or your interests lie in collecting, all our futures depend on it. The same applies to our international friends. If the bill passes unchanged, they will not be able to buy from the UK.