British George V Royal Navy Midshipmans Dirk P1891

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This Royal Navy P1891 Midshipman's dirk dates to George V and World War 1.

The 46 cm blade is in mint, un-sharpened condition. The blade has a flat spine and is double-edged for the last 20 cm with a spear point.

The blade is crisply etched with oak leaves and acorns above and below the Georgian crown and fouled anchor of the Royal Navy.

The obverse of the blade is etched with oak leaves and acorns and the Royal coat of arms. The blade does not bear a maker's name, which is quite usual for this period of production, but the dirk was most likely made by Manton & Co.

The S-shaped brass quillon has acorn finials and a centrepiece of a crowned, fouled anchor within a laurel wreath. The lion head pommel is finely detailed and the lion's mane extends the full length of the brass back strap.

The leather grip is in excellent condition and the three strands of twisted copper wire are intact and tight. The dirk retains its original bullion port-a-pee although the bullion knot is lost.

The leather scabbard is in worn condition with some of the outer leather finish having worn away. The stitching is intact and over-all the scabbard is strong. There are creases in the leather from use.

The scabbard retains its original buckled hanging straps and the throat of the scabbard retains its locking mechanism.

The brass scabbard furniture is in excellent condition and is secure on the leather. The dirk sheaths and draws well from the scabbard and the locking mechanism works perfectly.

This is a hard to find World War 1 example of a Royal Navy Midshipman's dirk in over-all excellent and complete condition.