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Late 19th Century Janbiya, probably from Yemen or Saudi Arabia. This Janbiya is one of a matched pair. The second is also listed on the Bygone Blades website. They were purchased from the same collector and it is likely that they were commissioned for a father and son or for brothers.

Adult men traditionally wear the Janbiya dagger. The quality of the materials, fabrication and decoration are an indication of status. Janbiyas originated in Yemen and are usually associated with the people of Yemen and Najran in Saudi Arabia.

The 152mm curved blade has a pronounced medial ridge and is in excellent condition. The folded steel blade is double-edged and sharp. The blade is firm in the ornate silver hilt.

The scabbard is intricately decorated with silver filigree and floral bands. The back of the scabbard is velvet.

This is a truly beautiful and high status Janbiya. The artisanship and attention to detail is magnificent. The Janbiya is in overall excellent condition with minor tarnish to the silver and fading to the velvet on the back of the scabbard.

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