Austrian WW1 Bespoke Trench Fighting Knife

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This is a beautifully made Austrian WW1/WW2 trench fighting knife. It looks to be a bespoke made knife by an experienced blade smith.

The 186mm single-edged blade has a flat spine and tapers to a needle sharp spear point. The blade has a short, narrow fuller on both sides above a medial ridge. The edge has a convex grind and is still surprisingly sharp. The blade is in excellent condition with a couple of patches of very pale tarnish (probably caused by finger prints) and a tiny patch of darker tarnish at the point.

The knife has a hardwood grip with an elongated S-shape white metal cross-piece and turned hardwood pommel. The blade is firm in the hilt.

This is a well thought out and solidly made knife, scarily fit for purpose with a balance point making it ideal for hand combat and for throwing.

The knife came to me in an Austrian M1895 scabbard made by Vogel & Noot. The scabbard frog stud is stamped with the initials V&N and an Austrian eagle inspection mark. The blade fits nicely in the scabbard and is held firmly without rattle or movement. The scabbard can be inverted and the knife remains inside.

Despite knowing nothing about the knife’s history, the vendor was able to confirm that it had belonged to her late father, by way of her grandfather. The knife had been in her family for as long as she could remember and had always been in the scabbard – hence my identification of it as being Austrian.

This is an excellent example of a bespoke Great War or WW2 fighting knife.