Black Powder Signal Cannon. Bronze Barrel.

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Beautifully made and detailed, functioning black powder, signal cannon dating from the 1930s.

The bronze barrel is 360mm in length and about 60mm wide at the touchhole narrowing to 30mm at the muzzle. It is heavy! The hinged trunnion caps allow the barrel to be removed for easy loading and cleaning.

The wooden gun truck is beautifully detailed with brass fittings.

At some time, the wheels were glued in position, as was the elevation wedge. I assume that this was done to stop the cannon from rolling around on board a yacht as it was purchased from a yachting family in Dorset, UK. I can see no other reason for this being done, as there is no damage to any of the wheels or the wedge.

This 1930’s starting cannon is in excellent condition and is sold as a decorative collectable. A firearms and black powder license would be required if it was intended for use.