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This British East India Company (E.I.C.) bayonet was used with the 1771 “Windus” Pattern Brown Bess musket. In 1771, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Windus simplified the manufacturing processes of the Brown Bess musket to facilitate its manufacture by the British East India Company. The Windus pattern bayonet was developed for use with the simplified musket. The musket itself was subsequently adopted by Britain in 1793 as the India Pattern Brown Bess.

This bayonet is easily distinguished from its British used counterparts by the external spring catch that is screwed to the front of the muzzle ring. The E.I.C. spring on this bayonet is of the earlier type with a more pointed end than those of later production, as are the squared shoulders at the back of the bayonets’ blade.

The 396mm blade has a deep, wide fuller on either side of the medial ridge on the underside of the blade. The fuller begins approximately 35mm from the blade shoulder and runs to about 70mm from the point. The socket of the bayonet is 110mm long and has a muzzle diameter of approximately 24mm. The total length of the bayonet is 523mm

This bayonet is in very good condition for its 250 years of age and is bright and free of rust. Repeated polishing during the course of its working life (and since) have worn away any markings. The socket and blade have age and use related wear and dings.

This is a very good example of a scarce East India Co. Windus musket bayonet that will have seen service during the late 18th Century.


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