British 1888 Mk1 Type II Navy Issue Bayonet & Mk III Naval Scabbard

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British Pattern 1888 Mk I Type II Lee Metford Rifle Bayonet issued to the Royal Navy. P1888 Lee Metford bayonets are highly collectable. Naval issue examples in a 1903 Mk III pattern naval issue scabbard are rare.

This rare bayonet is in great condition for its 126 years of age. The 303mm double-edged blade is in very good condition with minimal age related wear and marks.

The blade is faintly marked on the ricasso with a flat Victorian crown and the clearly struck production date, 11 ‘94 (November 1894). The obverse ricasso is marked with an Enfield inspection mark, the British War Department broad arrow, and “WD” and a bend test stamp. The blade spine also bears two Enfield inspection stamps. The blade has a small patch of very shallow pitting on each side caused by the scabbard spring and some tiny scattered speckles but the rest of the blade remains bright. The edges were service sharpened.

The wooden grip is firm and in good condition with a dark patina and two large brass rivets positioned close together. The wooden hilt scales are drilled with an oil hole on both sides above the top rivet. The steel crosspiece and pommel are bright and free from rust with a pale grey patina. The pommel is stamped with the number 317 and the obverse bears the letter N for naval issue. The press-stud locking mechanism is in good working order. The tang spine bears a letter K and an inspection stamp.

The bayonet is complete with its 1903 Mk III pattern naval issue brown leather scabbard with integral frog and internal steel locket and chape. The leather is in great condition and retains its original finish with age appropriate wear and marks. The stitching is intact and firm and the leather is stamped with the navy N, a broad arrow, Enfield EFD, the date ’06 (1906) and a crowned Enfield inspection mark. A capital letter G is stamped on the opposite side of the seam.

The bayonet sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

This is an excellent example of a rare Royal Navy issued Lee Metford bayonet.