British 1913 pattern Bayonet. Remington 1916

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This British Pattern 1913 Mk 1 sword bayonet for the Pattern 1914 rifle is in fantastic condition. The P1913 bayonet was officially introduced into British service on the 21st June 1916 and was made under contract in the USA by Remington and Winchester.

The production date of this bayonet is May 1916, prior to the bayonet’s official acceptance. Production of the P13 commenced some months prior to the official adoption of the bayonet.

By the end of WW1, Remington had produced 1,243,000 of the P1913 bayonets.

The excellent 433mm blade has a deep single fuller on both sides and a rounded spine. The blade has its anti-reflective matt grey finish and its factory edge with no additional attempts at sharpening.

The blued ricasso is stamped with the pattern date of 1913, the production date of ‘5 ’16 (May, 1916) and the Remington maker’s mark. The obverse ricasso bears two inspection stamps, a bend test X and the War Department arrow.

The cross guard and pommel retain their original blueing and the wooden hilt scales are in excellent condition with a great patina. The pommel bears the unit markings 3 ? S weapon number 1386. The first letter is partially struck making identification difficult. The press-stud locking mechanism works perfectly.

The bayonet is complete with its original brown leather scabbard with teardrop frog stud. The scabbard is in excellent condition. The locket and chape retain their original finish with minor wear. The leather is firm and undamaged with its original finish and the stitching is intact and strong.

The leather is stamped with a Broad Arrow, inspection stamp and the date stamp for 1915

This P1913 bayonet is in fantastic condition. The early production date and excellent condition make it a rare example of a relatively common Great War bayonet.