British 2nd Pattern 1853 Yataghan Artillery Sword Bayonet

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This rare early 2nd pattern 1853 British sword bayonet was made for the Model 1853 artillery carbine. These bayonets were introduced in 1855. Because of major building work undertaken at the Government’s Enfield factory between 1854 and 1856, most 2nd pattern artillery bayonets were supplied by trade contracts in the UK and Solingen. Early production bayonets had the mounting mechanisms’ external leaf spring retained by a rivet that was replaced with a screw in later examples.

The 579mm yataghan blade has a flat spine and broad single fuller on both sides. The recurved blade is double-edged for the last 155mm. The blade was service sharpened and is in good condition with very shallow pitting (it can hardly be felt when running one’s finger along the blade) that has been cleaned. The blade is free from rust.

The steel crosspiece has a forward pointing cockscomb above the muzzle ring and a flattened disk finial. The muzzle ring diameter is 20.5mm and the steel is bright and free of rust with a mild patina and shallow speckled pitting. The beaked pommel bears an engraved number 81.

The press-stud and external spring locking mechanism work perfectly. There is a slight lead forward of the mortice slot which is stamped with the letter K. The external spring is riveted in place, indicating that this bayonet is an early production model. The leather grip scales are in very good condition.

The bayonet is complete with its original steel scabbard with oval frog stud. The scabbard is in excellent condition and retains its original finish (although faded). The top of the scabbard is stamped with the number 67 and the ball finial at the foot of the scabbard bears a maker or inspection stamp.

This is a good example of a rarely found early production 2nd pattern 1853 artillery sword bayonet with riveted external spring.


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