British Army WW2 "Burma" Clasp Knife. Thomas Turner

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The “Encore” range of military issue clasp knives were manufactured by Thomas Turner & Co. of Sheffield, England. The all steel folding knives became regular issue to troops from World War One onwards. The stainless steel body of the knife being designed to withstand the rigours of combat use.

This WW2 issue knife is dated 1945 and has become known as the "Burma” or “Jungle Knife" due to its extensive use in the jungles of Burma during World War II.

The polished steel body of the knife is stamped with the maker’s details, “Thomas Turner & Co. Sheffield,” along with the trademark and name, “Encore.” The knife is also stamped with the date, 1945, a British army arrow and the instruction to “Oil the Joints.”

The blade and can opener are in excellent condition and the blade remains very sharp. The folding action is crisp.

This is an excellent example of a scarce British army WW2 issue “Jungle” clasp knife by Thomas Turner.


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