British Pre-WW1 1907 Pattern Hooked Quillon Bayonet. Wilkinson 1909. Lincolnshire Regiment

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Rare pre-World War One Hooked Quillon bayonet made by The Wilkinson Sword Company in November 1909 and issued to the Lincolnshire Regiment. Its issue number was 358.

The Lincolnshire Regiment were deployed to France in August 1914, at the beginning of World War One. The Battalion fought on the Western Front, the main theatre of the war, throughout the War and were involved in some of the bloodiest battles. Their battle honours include Aisne, Mons, Marne, Messines, Passchendaele and Ypres along with the German retreat to the Hindenburg Line.

The 434mm, single edged blade has a long narrow fuller and rounded spine. The edge was factory sharpened and is nick free. The blade is bright and clean and is in excellent condition.

The ricasso retains its original blueing and is marked with a crown over the pattern date 1907 and the date of manufacture 11 ’09 below which is stamped “Wilkinson.” The obverse ricasso bears the War Department broad arrow, bend test stamp and three inspection and acceptance stamps.

The hooked quilloned crosspiece retains its original blueing, as does the steel pommel. There is some mild wear and minor rust spots below the blueing. The pommel is stamped with the regimental markings “LIN. R” and the issue number “358.” The wooden grip scales are in excellent condition. Each scale has an inspection stamp. The grip scales are held firmly in place by the two original screws. The push button locking mechanism is in good condition and works well.

The bayonet is complete with its No1 Mkll leather scabbard with a teardrop stud. The scabbard is in very good condition with its original blued finish intact. There are some minor rust spots beneath the blued finish. The leather and stitching are sound.

This is an excellent condition example of this iconic and rare British bayonet, unit marked to a famous regiment.


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