British/Nepalese Gurkha 1941 Dated WW2 Fighting Kukri Knife. #2111006

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This is an excellent military kukri from World War II. The blade bears markings that may be a unit designation. These Gurkha fighting kukri were carried by the Nepalese Army and Gurkhas within the British Army.

The 340mm blade has a thick, ridged spine narrowing gradually to the point and is approximately 58mm wide at the belly. A short, narrow fuller runs below the spine. The blade is in good condition with use and age related marks and sharpening scratches. The left-hand side of the blade is stamped with SNB and the date mark 41 (1941). The blade remains sharp.

The Cho at the base of the blade serves to stop blood, sap or other fluids from running onto the handle, making it slippery. The Cho is also believed to be a symbolic representation of a cows’ foot, a sacred animal to all Hindus.

The hardwood grip scales are riveted through the tang. The solid tang is forged as one piece with the blade. The grip flares to a broad oval at the pommel allowing the user a very good grip. The grip scales have age and use related wear and small chips from the upper edge of the flared pommel. The grip is in overall good condition and the blade is firm in the hilt.

The wooden, leather covered scabbard incorporates a frog and belt loop and is in excellent condition with age and use related wear and marks. These kukri were solely intended as a fighting knife and as such there is no facility to hold a Karda and Chakmak.

This is a very nice and good quality WWII Gurkha fighting Kukri dating to 1941.


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