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This rare Mk1 Canadian Ross Rifle bayonet was made by the Ross Rifle Company, Quebec in September 1909 and is in good clean condition. The Mk1 bayonet differs from later models by having an extended muzzle ring containing a split spring to aid in securely attaching the bayonet to the muzzle of the rifle. Mk1 Ross bayonets also had a pin through the pommel. 

The 256mm single-edged, un-fullered blade has a rounded spine. The blade is clean and bright and retains a very sharp edge. The blade is in good condition and is free of rust or tarnish. There are shallow grind scratches (field sharpening?) along the centre of the blade on both sides. The point has been modified from the original hatchet point. This was a common field modification to give the bayonet a sharper, more effective point for penetration.

The steel crosspiece and pommel are bright. The pommel bears the maker’s logo,” ROSS RIFLE CO. / QUEBEC / PATENTED 1907” and the obverse bears an acceptance/inspection mark, the pattern date, ’08 (1808), the Canadian government ownership mark, a broad arrow in a circle and the manufacture date of September 1909. The additional securing pin is located to the upper rear of the pommel. The bayonet attachment mechanism is in working order. The grip spine bears two Canadian inspection stamps and the underside and end of the pommel is stamped with unit markings, indicating that this bayonet was issued and then reissued at least once.

The wooden grip scales show age related wear and staining and are in good condition. The scales are marked on both sides with several alpha numeric stamps.

The bayonet is complete with its original MkII leather scabbard and stitched on frog. The scabbard is in great condition with minor wear to the leather commensurate with age and use. The stitching is intact and strong. The tip of the scabbard has a steel button. The scabbard bears various markings and Canadian inspection stamps.

This is a rare first pattern Canadian Great War Ross bayonet in good condition.


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