French M1866 Siege of Paris Chassepot Bayonet

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A fine example of this famous French bayonet.

The 575mcm blade is in excellent condition and is stamped on the ricasso with a single inspection mark. The blade is engraved on the spine with the armoury name and the date January 1871.

This bayonet was made during the siege of Paris in the Franco-Prussian War and in order to speed production bears no additional markings, is without the usual bottom rivet (there is a small circular indent showing where the rivet would normally be placed) and the muzzle ring is without an adjustment screw.

The ribbed brass hilt is in good condition and the press stud and external spring mechanism work well.

The rolled steel scabbard is in excellent condition without dents and retains it black finish.

This is a very nice and collectable war production bayonet.