French Model 1874 Gras Infantry Rifle Bayonet. Chatellerault 1876

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An early production French M1874 Gras epee bayonet made in 1876.

The Gras bayonet was the last of the French sword bayonets. It was manufactured to fit the French Model 1874 Gras Infantry Rifle. 

The 524mm “T” section epee blade is in excellent condition with only a few small nicks to the forward edge. The spine is engraved with the Chatellerault armoury name and the production date of 1876. The ricasso is stamped with two French inspection poincon. The obverse bears the numeral 7.

The solid brass pommel has a press-stud and external spring locking mechanism that works perfectly. The wooden grip scales are in good condition. The steel crosspiece retains its original blueing and the "blade-breaker" hooked quillon is marked with four inspection and acceptance poincon and a serial number. The front of the crosspiece bears additional poincon, letters and numeral stamps.

The rolled steel scabbard retains its blueing and is in excellent condition. The scabbard bears a serial number and inspection stamps. The bayonet sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

This is an excellent, original and nicely marked example of an early production Gras bayonet.