German Kingdom Of Saxony First pattern S98/05 Sawback Bayonet 1907

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Very rare un-modified early first pattern Saxon (German) S98/05 “Butchers’ Blade” bayonet with saw teeth.

This all-original S98/05 was made in 1907. The bayonet has saw teeth, “high ears” and no flash guard and is in its original first pattern leather scabbard. Only 6% of S98/05 bayonets were made with saw teeth and most of those were recalled in 1917 to have the teeth removed or were reissued to support units away from the front line.

The 369mm single-edged blade has a wide, single fuller below 29 pairs of saw teeth. The blade which is 26mm wide at the ricasso flares to a width of 33mm before tapering to a spear point earning it its nickname the “Butchers’ Blade” because of its similarity to such knives.

The blade is marked on the ricasso with the maker’s mark W. K. & C. (Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie.) of Solingen. The spine carries the Royal Cypher of Kaiser Friedrich August III (1904-1918) of the Kingdom of Saxony, above the date stamp “07” (1907) and a crowned acceptance/inspection stamp. The blade is in excellent condition with minimal speckles of pale tarnish.

The steel of the hilt bears numerous inspection marks. The crosspiece, spine, press-stud, grip screws, nuts and pommel are all stamped. The crosspiece also bears the unit marks of a Royal Saxon Army pioneer division.

The press-stud mechanism is in perfect working order and the steel of the hilt is bright. The wooden scales are in excellent condition.

The bayonet is complete with its original first pattern leather scabbard with steel mounts. The leather is in very good condition with creases consistent with age and use. The steel throat and chape have a few speckles of shallow pitting and are bright and clean. The throat and chape are stamped with inspection marks. The throat bears matching unit markings. The bayonet sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

The combination of un-altered first pattern S98/05 bayonet with saw-back, first pattern leather scabbard and unit marks make this a very rare and collectable bayonet.