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Scarce, Kingdom of Saxony World War One boot knife with original boot clip scabbard.

Great War German fighting knives such as this come in a variety of similar styles and by various makers. Most have a steel scabbard with a leather belt loop and retaining strap. Examples with the boot clip are much harder to find. These knives were usually private purchase items – as was the case with the allied forces, making this example additionally interesting as it bears a crowned inspection stamp of the Kingdom of Saxony. King Friedrich August III reigned from 1904 until the dissolution of the German monarchies in 1918.

The unmarked 150mm blade has a full-length single edge becoming double-edged for the last 70mm. The blade has a slightly raised medial ridge and terminates in a fine, needle-sharp spear point. The blade retains its fighting edge and is in excellent condition, showing some light wear and faint sharpening related scratches.

The hardwood (probably ebony) grip scales are in very good condition and are secured to the full width tang by three rivets. The spine of the tang bears a Kingdom of Saxony inspection stamp, indicating that this boot knife was an official army issued weapon.

The knife is complete with its original steel boot scabbard with integral clip. The scabbard is in good condition with patches of rust and some loss of its original black paint. The scabbard is uncleaned and can easily be refurbished.

This is a well above average example of a scarce, issued, Kingdom of Saxony WW1 fighting knife.


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