German WW1 DEMAG Crank Handle Knife Bayonet

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A rare and genuine example of the famous ersatz (Carter EB1) Crank Handle bayonet.
This is one of the few ersatz bayonets for which a maker is attributable. Deutsch Maschienenfabrik AG (DEMAG), Duisburg produced these bayonets between 1915 and 1918. The makers mark is stamped on every blade. There are four variations of the markings dependent on the period of production. The “DRGM” stamp on the ricasso of this example, and the “DEMAG. Duisburg” circle on the obverse indicate that it is one of the early 1915-1916 production knives.

Designed to fit the G98 rifle the bayonet has a very distinctive handle shape, earning it its “Crank Handle” nickname.

The 152mm double-edged blade is in good condition with a mild speckled patina. The blade is stamped on both sides of the ricasso with the maker’s logo and the spine bears an inspection mark or waffenampt. The blade retains its original washer.

The grip retains much of its original feld grau paint and the sprung locking mechanism is in working order. The wear to the paint indicates that this knife saw plenty of use.

The original steel scabbard retains most of its black paint and the leather belt loop is intact although the loop itself has detached from the rivets. The retaining strap is intact and has the correct snowflake press-stud.

This is a rare and sought after early production model of the iconic German World War One trench knife bayonet. There are many fakes of this sought after knife but only the originals have peened rivets in the grip, snow flake press-studs on the retaining loop and are marked on the spine with an inspection stamp. All these are missing on the fakes. There are numerous other differences between the real and fake models, such as blade and crosspiece thickness but the above differences are easily spotted without the need for callipers.