German WW1 Saw Back Ersatz Bayonet EB42. 1915

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This very rare German World War One Ersatz bayonet is an all steel version of the famous S98/05 saw-back bayonet and is designated by Carter as EB42 (Ersatz Bayonet No.42).

In 1915, in order to supply the large number of conscripted troops with bayonets for their issued Gewehr 88 rifles, all manner of manufacturers and machine shops were pressed into producing these “substitute” bayonets. There are many variations. Anthony Carter in the 70’s wrote a seminal work on these fascinating Great War bayonets, assigning each variation an identification number with an EB prefix.

The 354mm single-edged blade has a saw-back with 53 teeth above a long, narrow fuller. The blade terminates in a spear point. The blade is in very good condition and is bright and rust free. There is some use related blunting to a few of the saw teeth, the rest remain very sharp. The ricasso bears two inspection stamps (Fractur) and the spine bears another. There is no maker’s mark or name. Ersatz bayonets were not identified with a particular maker, the exception being EB1, the famous DEMAG crank handle bayonet.

The cast steel hilt is in very good condition and retains some Feld Grau paint. The press-stud locking mechanism is in good working order. The blade is firm in the hilt.

The bayonet is complete with its original (and rare) ersatz scabbard. The scabbard is a steel copy of the first pattern steel mounted leather S98/05 scabbard. The black painted scabbard is in excellent condition and has been re-painted. The bayonet sheathes and draws correctly and is held firmly within the scabbard. Included with the scabbard is an original black leather frog which is in great condition, the rivets and stitching all intact and tight.

This is an excellent example of a very rare German WW1 ersatz bayonet designated by Carter as EB42.