Indian 17th Century Tanjore Katar

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This mid-17th Century Tanjore Katar dates to around 1650 and was a high status weapon. These punch daggers hail from southern India.

The 300mm double-edged blade has a lenticular cross section and terminates in a spear point. The rigid blade retains sharp edges and is in good condition with small patches of very shallow pitting and tarnish.

The blade is firmly riveted into the ornate grip. The side bars are decorated with a floral and latticework design. The two internal grip bars are ornately cast as stylised lotus buds. The attention to detail and quality of this high status weapon is such that the decoration continues on the inner surfaces of the grip, with the inner surface designs differing from those on the outer surfaces.

The katar has a total length of 450mm

This is an excellent example of an iconic mid-17th Century southern Indian Tanjore katar.