Indian 18th Century Katar Dagger. Armour Piercing Point

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This impressive fighting katar dates from the late 18th Century and shows evidence of use.

The 260mm double-edged blade has twin fullers on either side of a raised medial rib and tapers to a thick chain mail piercing point. The blade is 58mm wide at the base and the mail piercing point swells to a thickness of 10mm. The blade is in good condition with patches of very shallow pitting and tarnish.

The plain iron grip has a period repair to one of the side bars. An additional shaped piece of iron has been riveted to the inside of the bar to reinforce it. This is an excellent repair and testifies to the use of the weapon. The mail piercing point and lack of decorative embellishments further indicate that this was a fighting weapon as opposed to a status piece.

The katar has a total length of 420mm

This is an excellent 18th Century fighting katar