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The Type 32 (Model 1899) had a machined blade and was manufactured at the Tokyo Hohei Kosho Arsenal. The sword saw service during the Russo-Japanese War, World War One and on into World War Two.

Two patterns of the Type 32 were produced. The first pattern, known as ‘Ko,’ was issued to cavalry NCOs and had a blade length of around 830mm. The second pattern, known as ‘Otsu,’ was issued to army NCOs and was shorter, with a blade length of around 770mm. 

This example is an ‘Otsu’ pattern Type 32 army Non Commissioned Officer’s (NCO) sabre. This sabre is an early production model, produced with the leather finger loop inside the steel guard.

The 772mm Katana profile blade has a single edge and long, narrow fuller below the slightly rounded spine. The blade is in very good condition and retains its fighting edge. There are some slight sharpening scratches and minimal pale spots of tarnish. The ricasso is stamped with a serial number. The blade was designed for cutting and thrusting and was superbly good at both.

The polished steel D guard has a checked steel back strap and dove head pommel, all of which retain their original finish and are in good condition with some slight age and use related wear. The checked wooden grip is in good condition with wear consistent with use. These swords were considered to be a NCO’s primary weapon. The locking catch is present and strong. The front of the guard bears Tokyo arsenal and inspection stamps.

The sword is complete with its steel scabbard, with a single hanger-ring. The scabbard has been painted black and is in good condition with some small dings consistent with field use. The sword sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard. The locking catch works perfectly.

This is a good example of an increasingly hard to find Imperial Japanese Army Type 32 sword.


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