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This is a beautiful and very well made little Nepalese Kukri knife probably dating to the mid-20th Century. I have not seen another kukri of this size and quality and believe that it may be an apprentice piece, a miniature kukri made by a smith or apprentice smith to showcase their ability. In spite of its small size, a total length of 180mm, the knife is fully useable and would be a perfect accompaniment to a full size knife.

The 120mm blade has a flat spine and a very sharp edge. The blade is in excellent condition with minimal light scratches and some mild tarnish on the steel bolster.

The buffalo horn hilt is in excellent condition and is secured firmly on the tang by a brass butt plate through which the tang is peened. The craftsmanship and quality is excellent.

The kukri is complete with its leather covered wooden scabbard with belt loop. Again, the quality of the work is excellent. The stitching along the seam is intact and tight and the belt loop is secured by two iron rivets. The knife sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

This is an excellent miniature kukri most likely made as an apprentice piece. A great addition to any collection.

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