18th Century Cavalry Sabre Circa 1788

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This rare late 18th Century cavalry sabre dates to around 1788.
The sabre bears a striking resemblance to the 1788 Bavarian Heavy Cavalry sabre known as the “Rumford Sabre,” and it may be a Germanic or Spanish variant of this. Many of the late 18th Century European cavalry sabres shared similarities in hilt and blade design. The British 1788 pattern has a similar right-angled guard, minus the two curved bars.
The 900mm curved, single edged blade has a flat spine, below which is a narrow fuller piggybacking on a wide, shallow fuller. The blade terminates in a hatchet point with an upper false edge.
The blade has been service sharpened and engraved with a floral motif and the motto:
“No me saques sin razon” on one side and, “No me embaines sin honor” on the obverse.
This translates as “Don’t draw me without reason,” and “Don’t sheath me without honour.”
The wooden grip retains most of its leather wrap and the brass wire is intact and tight.
This is an above average example of a rarely encountered sabre.