19th Century Infantry Spadroon. Circa 1820 Infantry Sword

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This military spadroon is probably of Belgian/Dutch origin.
The 795mm single-edged spadroon blade has a flat spine above a broad fuller running into the spear point. The blade has a 135mm upper false edge. The blade’s edge was service sharpened and has some small nicks consistent with use.
The blade is etched with foliate scrollwork, three different trophies of war and laurel sprays with flaming torches. The spine is etched with laurel leaves. The blade is in generally good condition with patches of tarnish and pitting.
The brass guard has a folding section that is in good working order. The rear of the folding section is stamped with the initials “JWG.” The faceted knuckle bow incorporates a straight, octagonal cross-piece that flares slightly towards the ends. The grip is wrapped with silver plated copper wire which is original and in good condition. The hilt is finished with a rounded urn pommel through which the tang is peened. The blade is firm in the hilt.
The sword is complete with its black leather scabbard with brass fittings. The shaped brass locket has a hook for attaching to a frog. The scabbard is in good condition and the stitching is intact along the seam. There is a crease in the leather above the brass chape. The sword sheathes and draws smoothly from the scabbard.


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