American Roby & Co. M1860 US Civil War Cavalry Sabre

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This model 1860 heavy cavalry sabre was produced in the U.S. for use by the Northern mounted forces during the American Civil War (1861-65).

Made by C. Roby, of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, the single-edged blade has a pronounced curve with a wide, slightly rounded spine (the 1840 model has a flat spine).

The blade measures 885 mm / 34 ¾ inches with a long, wide fuller beginning with a flat line at the ricasso (in later models the beginning of the fuller is rounded). Within the broad fuller is a second very narrow fuller beginning directly below the spine. The blade is in very good condition with speckles of age tarnish on an otherwise clean and bright blade. The ricasso bears the maker’s details, “C. Roby, W. Chelmsford. Mass(achusetts)” and the obverse ricasso is stamped, “U.S. 1865. A.G.M.”  It is possible that the last numeral of the date is a “3,” but I think that it is a “5.”

The heavy, three-branch brass guard is in good condition and exhibits a beautiful and untouched age patina. The twisted brass wire is mostly intact and tight. The last section is missing and I think that in the past, a previous owner has cleaned and re-wound the brass wire, tucking the end under the pommel cap. Despite this, I believe the brass wire to be original. The original leather grip is in good condition for its age and use with minimal damage to the leather and one small repair that is barely visible.  

The heavy-duty steel scabbard has double suspension rings. The scabbard is pitted and at one time looks to have been painted although only traces of this remain. There is a small dent and slight kink in the scabbard 190mm above the drag. The sword sheaths and draws smoothly and is held firmly in the scabbard.

This is a good example of a US Civil War sabre made in America. The sabre is in above average condition, all tight and firm.