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The Belgian issued, Dutch M1819 No.2 infantry short sword was heavily influenced by the French Napoleonic period sabre briquet. This Dutch made sword was used by the Belgian Chasseurs à Pied (Light Infantry/ Skirmishers) as indicated by the shield shaped frog stud on the scabbard. This particular model was exclusive to the Belgian Light Infantry and was first issued on the 5th of March 1850.

The 597mm slightly curved blade has a flat spine with a 155mm upper false edge. The broad blade is single-edged and terminates in a hatchet point. The un-fullered blade is in excellent condition and retains its original washer.

The spine is stamped with the letters, MD and the ricasso bears a crowned HD stamp and the date 1876. The obverse bears an oval stamp containing the letters GB within an oval and an octagonal stamp containing a lion rampant over the letter C.

The cast brass hilt has a rectangular cross-section D-shaped knuckle bow with an acorn quillon. The grip has 36 ribs and is riveted through the tang. The tang is peened at the pommel. The back of the grip is stamped V418 and the letter Y. The rear of the quillon has an oval stamp containing a crown over JD. The flat side of the knuckle bow bears two stamps, an octagonal cartouche containing a lion rampant over C and a crown over HD. The blade is firm in the hilt.

The briquette is complete with its original black leather scabbard with brass locket and an internal chape with a ball finial. The brass locket is stamped with a crowned GD and has a shield-shaped frog stud. The leather is stamped on the back with the number 7156 above C1857. The last digit is worn and could be a 2. The scabbard is in very good condition and the stitching is intact.

This is an excellent example of a Belgian issued light infantry short sword.


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