British 17th Century Brass Hilted Small Sword

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A fine and rare example of a late 17th Century English or possibly Dutch small sword dating to around 1680 -1700.

The 765mm double-edged blade has a flattened diamond cross section with a short, 185mm medial fuller on both sides. The blade tapers to a needlepoint. The deep medial fuller is engraved on both sides with three pairs of X’s, between which are the sword smith’s initials “IHN,” and the place of manufacture, “Solingen.” In the late 17th Century, the letter “I” was regularly used in place of the letter “J.” There were a number of renowned Solingen smiths with the first names Johannes and Josiah so with some research it may be possible to identify the smith who forged this blade. The medial fuller terminates in a point, in front of which is a religious style cross.

The blade is in fair to good condition for its 350 plus years of age, with a pale grey age patina and patches of darker tarnish along its length. There is no active rust. There are small areas of shallow pitting. The blade is straight and flexible with its original point.

The kidney shaped brass guard is of typical bi-lobed form and is firm. The hardwood grip is missing its twisted wire. The hilt terminates in a ball pommel through which the tang is peened. The hilt is in overall good condition, with some mild tarnish. The blade is firm in the hilt.

A nice and rare English or Dutch (they were very similar) small sword that given the simplicity of the guard, is likely to have been the property of a middle class man or junior army officer.