British 1821 Pattern Royal Artillery Sword. George V WW1

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British, George V, World War One period P1821 Royal Field Artillery Officer’s Sword.

The 824mm thrusting blade has a slightly rounded spine and wide single fuller on both sides, tapering to a spear point. The spine is 9mm thick at the ricasso. This is a robust fighting sword. The blade is in good condition with a mild speckled patina. Over time the etching has been polished out, but King George V’s Royal cypher can be faintly seen.

The ricasso bears a brass stud containing the word “Proved” over a central letter “S.”

The nickel-plated three-bar guard is in excellent condition with all the plating intact and no bubbling or damage. The shagreen grip is excellent and the three strands of twisted wire are intact and tight.

The sword is complete with its brown, wood and leather field scabbard. The body of the scabbard is in good condition. The steel throat is missing but the sword sheathes and draws well and is held firmly within the scabbard.