British 1850 Dundas Artillery Hanger

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One of the rarest of British military swords and a "must have" for many collectors.

This 1850's Dundas artillery hanger is in very good condition with an even salt and pepper patina to the blade and a honeyed patina to the solid brass hilt and D-guard. The blade remains bright, sharp and firm in the hilt.

The 72 cm single edged blade is very slightly curved and has a flat spine and a false upper edge, which tapers to a spear point. The blade is 33mm wide at the ricasso with minimal taper along its length.

The spine is thick with a distal taper taking it from 8mm at the ricasso, down to 0.5 mm at the point, making it a well-balanced and handy fighting sword. The edge has been service sharpened.

The under-side of the ricasso bears a Birmingham inspection stamp and the spine is engraved with the maker's name, "Deakin," a well renowned Birmingham maker.

Despite being a solid and useful sword, very few of these artillery hangers were made, even fewer saw service. The few that were made ended up as customs officers side arms.

This is a great sword and extremely rare.


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