British Edwardian Sword Cane. London 1905

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This beautiful Edwardian dress sword cane has an ornate silver tip to the handle. The silver is hallmarked for London 1905.

The 295mm tri-form blade has a deep fuller along the top, giving it a V cross-section. The blade tapers to a very sharp point and is in great condition. It sheathes smoothly within the body of the cane, fitting snugly without rattle or play.

The body of the cane is in great condition and has no damage or cracks. There are a few minor dings and some wear to the silver handle consistent with its age and use. The cane has a horn ferrule that shows some wear.

Total length 915mm.

Disclaimer: All sword canes sold by Bygone Blades are sold as historical collectables. They are sold for decorative collectable purposes only. In the United Kingdom and many other countries, it is a serious criminal offence to use a sword cane in public.