British Georgian Military Hanger. American Revolution

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Scarce George II British military Hanger dating between 1740 and 1760.
The hilt comprises a turned down brass clamshell, flattened ball quillon and D-guard with a cylindrical hard wood grip. The brass pommel is oval with a prominent raised tang button.
The 658mm blade is single edged with a narrow fuller below the flat spine. The blade curves towards the tip and terminates in a falchion point. The broad, heavy blade is in excellent condition for its 270 plus years of age and use. The blade is bright and free from rust or damage. There are areas of mild tarnish and some small patches of shallow pitting along the spine and edge.
The blade is stamped on both sides with a crowned GR ordnance mark, indicating military service. The stamp is worn but clearly legible. There are minor scratches along the blade consistent with sharpening and use. The blade retains its fighting edge and is firm in the hilt.
These military hangers saw service with both the infantry and Royal navy and were in use throughout the British Empire. They are well documented as being used during the American Revolution (1765-1783) as referenced by G. C. Neumann, in his books “Battle Weapons of the American Revolution,” (plate 19.SS) and “Swords and Blades of the American Revolution,” (plate 23.S).
This is a well above average example of a scarce British military hanger from the reign of King George II (1727-1760).