British George V. Lt. Colonel Donaldsons P1821 Royal Artillery Sword

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British P1821 Named Royal Field Artillery Officer’s Sword.

This P1821 Royal Artillery Officer’s sword was a bespoke order from Wilkinson Sword in 1921, and bears their best quality hexagonal proof disk.

The 87cm single edged blade has a slightly rounded spine and wide single fuller on both sides, tapering to a spear point. The spine is 9mm thick at the ricasso and bears the serial number “59322.” The blade is etched on one side with the winged lightning bolts of the Royal Artillery, extensive floral scrollwork and the owner’s name “James Beviss Donaldson.”

The obverse is etched with floral scrollwork and the Flowers of the Union surrounding the Royal cypher of George V below the royal arms and motto, “Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.” The blade also bears the cannon motif of the Royal Field Artillery and its abbreviated motto “Ubique.” Below this is the inscription “From A.H.D to J.B.D January 1922.”

The ricasso bears the maker’s name “Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London” and the obverse ricasso bears the hexagonal “HW” proof stud.

The blade is in overall good condition with mild patches of tarnish and some small areas of pitting.

The nickel-plated three-bar guard is in excellent condition with all the plating intact and no bubbling or damage. The shagreen grip is excellent and the three strands of twisted wire are intact and tight.

The sword is complete with its field scabbard, which is in excellent condition. The sword sheathes and draws well and is held firmly within the scabbard.


Lieutenant Colonel James Beviss Donaldson was born in 1901 and died in 1975. He joined the Royal Regiment of Artillery after completing university at the age of 21. The Colonel lived through five monarchs and served four. It will be possible to research his military records, which will be impressive as he was a Major in 1938, so still at a fighting rank during World War II. James Beviss Donaldson was made a Lieutenant Colonel in 1946.